Remove the toddler

We are headed into dangerous, uncharted waters with Trump.

He is lashing out at any and everyone in sight, blaming all comers but himself for his predicament, and attempting to foment revolt by using the coarsest language aimed at 1) demonizing Schiff, Pelosi, et al, and 2) portraying himself as the victim.

The one thing he isn’t doing is taking into account the future of the United States, its position in the world, or his own reputation, which he himself is flushing down the toilet (although it can reasonably argued that his reputation never left there). Just today, the idiot held a press conference in which he PUBLICLY asked ONCE AGAIN for foreign assistance in investigating his perceived 2020 election rivals. THIS IS IMPEACHABLE.

Make no mistake: Trump is blatantly violating the Constitution in front of the television cameras, willfully inviting the aid of such countries as CHINA (which just celebrated its 70th year as a communist nation), just as he did three years ago when, in full view of the public, he asked Russia to help him check into Hillary’s emails. “Russia, if you’re listening …” Turns out, Russia was not only listening, but doing things to help their willful fool win.

Today, of course, Putin finds the whole situation so amusing, and the U.S. so ineffectual, as to joke about Russian meddling. All because of Trump, mind you. If Hillary were in office, none of this shit would be happening, and Donald would be selling steak knives on the Food Network.

We’re often fooled into thinking there are two sides to every story. FOX News tricked people into believing that line with its “fair and balanced” moniker, which everyone knows hid the truth: that FOX parrots only one line, and that is the far-right wing. There are not two sides to Trump. There is Trump himself — who I don’t even consider a Republican — and everybody else, by which I mean the United States of America. He stands alone. There is no “other side.” Anybody demanding “equal time” in this impeachment argument is either a fool or a Russian stooge. There is nothing else to consider. Trump is willfully, gleefully breaking the law, in public. He is lawless. He needs to be taken down. There is nothing else to consider. It is time for adults to act accordingly and remove the toddler from the room where the nuclear weapons are stored.


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