Impeachment inquiries begin and we shouldn’t be surprised

We’ve entered the most historic (thus far) and dangerous phase of Donald Trump’s presidency, with Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats finally finding the moral and political wherewithal to begin an official impeachment inquiry into The Donald’s aberrant, un-presidential behavior. I say dangerous because Trump is becoming increasingly unhinged, spewing profanity on his preferred forum of choice, Twitter, calling for various retaliatory actions against Democrats, etc. There is no telling what he will do to fend off impeachment or distract the public from his dire position.

For the record: a whistleblower has let it be known that Trump used the power of his office to withhold aid to Ukraine in hoped-for (and verbally requested) exchange for dirt on Joe Biden, Trump’s likely opponent in the 2020 election.

Yes, this is illegal, yes, this is a betrayal of Trump’s duties, no, we shouldn’t stand for it, yes, we should have done something about Donald a long time ago, yes, he should be impeached.

But here’s my question — did ANYONE seriously look at or listen to Donald Trump in 2016 and NOT BELIEVE that he would commit the greatest crimes of any president once installed in the White House? Wasn’t it obvious that he would? Is this any surprise? Is the fact of his impending, can’t-miss trial in the Senate only the mere embodiment of what we all knew would happen — the manifestation of something that was only a matter of time? Isn’t this all inevitable? Whether it was Mueller or Comey or Russia or grab-em-by-the-pussy or “good people on both sides,” we all knew this shit was coming, right? Wouldn’t you have to be a moron to have believed otherwise?

Even Trump’s awful, vile, wrong-headed, potentially traitorous supporters — and I’m talking about regular citizens here, not just Senate Republicans — would have to agree that Trump’s criminality would have eventually surfaced in the White House. That’s probably part of what turns them on about Trump, because they have only ever been interested in fucking the country over in the name of “whataboutism.” “BUT WHAT ABOUT OBUMMER?” “BUT WHAT ABOUT KILLARY?” These are the mantras of people who have traded their true patriotism for fear, racism, xenophobia, and outright spiteful hatred of everything our government and Constitution stand for.

There should be no surprise whatsoever that Trump would get a foreign leader on the phone and say something so irrefutably egregious. Yet here we go, with the usual suspects decrying anything that might so much as land a glove on their Teflon-coated pussy grabber. Here we go with the cries of “fake news,” “bullying,” “coup,” et cetera. I loved it when Trump bleated that he should be “entitled” to interview the whistleblower (whom he has already falsely accused of treason). ENTITLED is the one word Trump understands, right? So naturally he feels he should be. After all, he didn’t win the election — the fucking Electoral College GAVE IT TO HIM.

Large chunks of the electorate must be under some form of hypnosis. How could they ever have believed that Trump would not do the worst thing? How could anyone have expected anything other than such behavior, knowing as we all did that Trump was thick with Russian ties, tight with mob lawyers, and known to be a New York City scam artist, whose own autobiography was ghost-written by a hack who now calls Trump a psycho? There is something wrong with US, as huge swaths of the population have apparently swallowed the greatest con job of the 21st century.


These people who parrot these lines should have their voting rights revoked. Oh, and while we’re permanently scrubbing them from the rolls due to making a hideous error that might cost us our country, if not our very lives, let us also cancel, permanently, the Electoral College, so that our avowed enemies — Russia and North Korea — will no longer have a useful fool who can be so easily manipulated into doing their will. (Let us not discount the possibility that he is still a Putin asset — what information is contained in Trump’s tax records, and why is Putin so concerned about Democrats releasing the contents of his private phone calls with Trump, which have been placed in that “top secret” server? Hey, we’re paying for all this shit. Don’t we have a right to know?)

More as it develops.



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